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This site will show items made by us within our home and are made from the heart. Items will include baked or cooked items, jewellery not shown in BeadArtist.co.uk, clothes and items items of interest. Once we are fully up and running a new web site will be built where items can be brought directly.

Please check back for up-dates.

Other web sites within the group :-

www.cottagehomlescreations.co.uk Main web site for group

www.beadartist.co.uk  Jewellery  (mobile app www.beadartist.tel )

www.chcdirect.co.uk Crafting cd-roms

www.disabledartist.co.uk Paintings by Tish

www.chcoddbox.co.uk odd items not on other site, dvds-books etc.

 www.spiritualreikihealing.co.uk Reiki healing and more.

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Picture drawn for us by Nelly Moon, with permission for us to use it. Check Nelly web site at www.vanillamoon.co.uk

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